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Marlins' biggest rival (with poll), trading Olli, unnamed Joe, Chris Simms, Viagra and more

     Yet more free stuff for your consideration, with a fresh Wednesday update...

     CHICKS DIG THE LONG BALL: Click on Longball City here for my column off last night's Marlins win. It's about how the team misses Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis not at all -- mainly because homers are flying off Florida bats at a pace that could challenge the all-time major league season record].

     CATS TRADING OLLI?: Looks like the Panthers may have a chance to trade long-time captain Olli Jokinen, 29, prior to the June 20 NHL draft. If they can get a fairly high first-round pick for him with maybe a decent player thrown in, I say do it. You?

Aaa1marlins      MARLINS' BIGGEST RIVAL: 'Biggest rival' is not an easy question in So Fla regarding our big teams, other than maybe FSU being it for UM football. Is it Jets for the Dolphins? You'd get an argument. How about the Heat and Panthers? No clear answers. Marlins? I'd say the Phillies, the team in town for a three-game series. It's debatable, though. Partake of The Daily Poll and expound in a comment by answering this: What is the single-best rivalry involving our Big Four pro teams and why?

VIAGRA IN SPORTS: There have been reports of competitive bicyclists using the sex-aid viagra as a performance-enhancer in their sport. Now the New York Daily NewsAaa1v (click here) reports viagra is turning up in baseball clubhouses, too. I can't think of a single punchline that wouldn't get me fired, so I'll move on.

     DOLPHINS BEEF UP PERSONNEL DEPT.: Dolphins announced they hired Dick Haley as a player personnel assistant; he was with the Jets from 1992-2007. Team aso added a personnel coordinator, a national scout and a regional scout. This is further indication that the new regime believes the root of Miami's problems the past several years has been talent evaluation. 

     CHRIS SIMMS AVAILABLE?: The question of possible interest by Miami will be out there if the Bucs dump him, which seems imminent -- especially because of Bill Parcells' past with daddy Phil. Click here for Chris' career numbers. He only fits as a Dolphin possibility here if you believe he's a better temp-starter than Josh McCown. Do you?

     LAKERS' TURN WITH REFS: I said mark my words. That L.A. would go to the free-throw line significantly more than Boston in NBA Finals Game 3 last night, a payback for the Celtics' crazy 38-10 advantage in foul shots the other night. I was correct. These things even out. By the way, how tired are we of the obligatory shots of Jack Nicholson in the crowd?

     DOING GOOD IN OMAHA: Click here for Tuesday's feel-good column by me on Jim Morris and the Canes as they set out for Saturday's opening of the College World Series.

     GRIFFEY 600 BALL: So a Marlins fan identified only as "Joe" (and wearing a Sergio Mitre jersey) grabs Ken Griffey Jr.'s 600th home run ball and declines to give it to the Reds in exchange for souvenirs. In other words: Cha-ching! Joe wants big bucks. Dear Joe: It won't be worth as much as you hope. Be a regular Joe, not a mercernary Joe. Do the right thing. Give the ball to Junior.

Aaa1aaawhores      EMBARRASSMENT HAS ITS PRICE: With apologies to Keith Olbermann, click here for The Two Worst Women on Earth.   

      GERMANE CONVERSATION: Lately at my local Publix I have noticed more and more shoppers using a sanitary wipe provided by the store to clean the handle of the shopping cart before proceeding. These people strike me as germ freaks taking a wholly unnecessary precaution. But I may be wrong. Weigh in.

     FACEOFF: In today's Most Unwelcome Musical Comeback, it's New Kids on the Block vs. The B-52's.

Aaa1bras_4      DEAR GREG: Your blog's OK, but it would be much better if you would show a photo of elderly women stripped down to their bras in a rally for better pension benefits in Melbourne, Australia.

     Hey! I made it through an entire blog post without even once mentioning Jason Taylor! Oops. Damn.