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The chorus for Beck grows louder

Aaabecks     [Updated Monday with the news that Cleo Lemon, not John Beck, would start this week's game vs. Buffalo. Story here. Mind-boggling...]

     Buddy Dan Le Batard added his impressive voice Sunday to the chorus advocating common sense and pushing the Dolphins to start, and so we bumped back up our post on the subject from early last week.

     Here is what ran originally under the headline, 'Huizenga should step in and demand Beck':

     Enough is enough. Cam Cameron seems stuck in indecision on what to do at quarterback. So Wayne Huizenga -- though loathe to play the heavy-handed owner -- should step in during this bye week and force the issue. There is zero reason, at 0-8, to stick with journeyman Cleo Lemon. There is every reason to find out this season whether Beck is the man to lead this franchise into the future.

     If Cam can't make the right decision, somebody else needs to make it for him.

     I wrote this several weeks ago when Trent Green was first hurt. Then loved what Jimmy Johnson said more recently in favor of deploying Beck, noting he is 26 and saying with tongue in cheek, "I hope they play him before he retires."

     As the beer company T-shirt says: Life Beckons.