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Where to put Marlins' new stadium

Aaamarlins     [Refreshing this one from last week in light of MLB commissioner Bud Selig foraying into So Fla on Tuesday -- it's about time, Buddy! -- trying to jump-start the idea of a new Marlins stadium].

     The bad news? The team stinks. It isn't just injuries. The errors and sloppy, undisciplined nature of the Marlins has little to do with the DL list.

     The good news? The Hurricanes fleeing the Orange Bowl is to the Marlins' benefit. Money the city of Miami might have spent on renovating the OB is now freed -- or so it would seem -- to make up the shortfall in funding for the ballclub's new retractable-dome stadium. If anybody can donk it up the city of Miami can, but things are looking better.

     So, the question: Where to put the new stadium? Save the cynical/defeatist answers (Las Vegas!) or the stuff not remotely being considered (near Dolphin Stadium!). The choices are downtown Miami and the Orange Bowl site. That's it. Period. MLB and the Marlins prefer downtown (as do I) but seem receptive to the city/county's seeming preference for the OB site. You?