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Love-me hate-me mascots

Aaasebastian      Your Random Evidence blog has learned that UM's venerable Sebastian the Ibis (left) is up for the national Mascot Hall of Fame. Online voting began this week.

     There truly is a Mascot Hall of Fame; click on Aaamrmetthe phrase to visit or vote. It has inducted nine members in three years, none local. There are 12 pro and college nominees this year, and the Ibis' competition includes Mr. Met, who evidently is on steroids based on the size of his head.

     Some may recall that in this blog's infant days, in October 2005, we ran a poll to name South Florida's best mascot (find that blog post here) and Sebastian won handily -- no doubt fomenting momentum for his eventual Hall nomination.

Aaabilly_2 Aaadolphtd   I revisit theAaaburnie topic nearlyAaac two years later and ask again: Who is South Florida's best sports mascot? Is it still the Ibis? Or do you prefer (left to right here) Billy the Marlin, the Dolphins' T.D., Heat's Burnie, or Stanley C. Panther? Is there one you find particularly annoying? Are you a mascot fan to begin with or do you find them stupid?

    I like mascots, but some, and in some sports, more than others. I'd rank them 1-Billy, 2-Sebastian, 3-Burnie, 4-Stanley and 5-T.D. Burnie is great on the antics but needs a costume makeover something fierce. Creepy T.D. is the reason they don't allow fans to carry high-powered rifles into the stadium.  Billy rules, although I'd like him even more if, once in a while, out of nowhere, just for fun, he ran amok, impaling a base umpire or the occasional Mermaid.