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UM picks Freeman ... for now

Aaakirby      [Updated Wednesday, 8-29: You'd click on the following to find today's column by me: Question isn't who starts. A better question: Is either guy any good?]

     Coach Randy Shannon, yesterday: "Kirby Freeman will be the starting quarterback for the Marshall game. We still consider Kyle [Wright] as a starter. You always need two quarterbacks." Shannon was asked if Freeman also would start Game 2 vs. Oklahoma. The question, like an errant pass, was deflected.

     So it's Freeman's job to lose. That's all the long-awaited announcement really means.

     What we know: That Wright or Freeman each would make a veteran, experienced backup. What we still don't know: Whether either guy is a great -- or even above average -- major-college quarterback.

     A few questions to chew on: How do you like Shannon's choice? What's your degree of confidence in Freeman? Do you feel like Wright, a two-year starter, is getting screwed? Do you consider Miami's QB situation firmly settled now or still up in the air?