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Give Chambers a bleepin' break

Aaacc     [Updated Thursday, 8-30. I wrote on Chambers in today's column. Find it by clicking on Chris is better than you think].

     Close to 40 percent of Dolfans in our online poll say the team should trade Chris Chambers, certifying my long-held belief that roughly 2 in 5 sports fans in general are nuts.

     Chambers is in his prime at 29. He is (pending the presumed eventual rise of Ted Ginn) the team's best wide receiver, in an offense with too few weapons. And, no, he has not been a bust or an egregious disappointment. His career has been commensurate with what you'd expect of a low-second-round draft pick. Not a superstar, not bad. Pretty good.

     For fun, here are Dolphin per-game receiving averages including playoffs for the six Miami wide receivers who have made at least one Pro Bowl with the team and including two guys, O.J. McDuffie and Duriel Harris, who never did. Ranked by yards per game. Had no idea how this would turn out when I began the research. I think it shows Chambers, stats-wise, right there in the mix with the best WRs Miami has had, and undeserving of the criticism he seems to get:

Player                   Games   Catches   Yards     Average    TDs

Irving Fryar              51       4.18        65.88    15.77       0.41

Mark Duper            155       3.50        61.06    17.43      0.41

Paul Warfield           71        2.68       57.35     21.43      0.52

Mark Clayton          168       3.65        56.43    15.44       0.52   

Chris Chambers        94       3.98        56.10    14.10       0.46

O.J. McDuffie         125       3.72        45.42    12.21       0.24

Duriel Harris          118       2.44         40.99    16.80       0.16

Nat Moore              193       2.76        40.61    14.70       0.40