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Fredi's future: Firm or frangible?

Aaafredi_2     Fire Fredi! No get off Fredi's back! Well, which is it? With the Marlins in the NL East cellar deep into the season and close to having the second-worst record in baseball, it's a fair time to weigh the job Fredi Gonzalez is doing. Especially considering the club fired the NL manager of the year, Joe Girardi, to get him.

     (By the way, sorry to trot out a word like "frangible" in the headline. I'm a slave to alliteration!)

     First posted this Saturday. Moving it back up in light of today's Herald story (found here) that asks, "Is Gonzalez doing his job?"

     My thought? Florida has suffered enough key, serious injuries this year to insulate Gonzalez from any fire-Fredi talk. And I won't quibble with particular questionable calls, such as bunting to leave first base open with Miguel Cabrera on deck, begging an intentional walk. But (BUT), the Marlins have been error-prone, sloppy and undisciplined -- things typically attributed to managerial leadership -- to a degree that leaves the jury out on how good Gonzalez is.

     He deserves to be back next season with hopefully a healthier roster. But the onus remains on him to prove he's as good in charge as he was as Bobby Cox's right-hand man. Your take on Fredi is invited.