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Serena Williams ... NUDE!!

Aaaserena_2     Tennis star Serena Williams appears nude in the upcoming Jane magazine. Pictured at left is Serena with only a small bunch of flowers over her ample derriere, an example from the magazine courtesy MediaTakeOut.com.

     The photo would be bigger but I'm trying to keep my job. (It's bigger and clearer when you double-click on it). I have personally always thought Serena looked a bit too muscled, although, after intense scrutiny and reconsideration, I may be coming around to her way of looking.

     To any who may be offended, I realize this is a family blog. But look at it this way. Everybody in every family, is, when you get right down to it, naked.

     As long as we're in a blog post that is salacious, I might as well go ahead and ask: Who is the one sports figure (male or female) you'd be most pleased to see clothing-free?

     I also want to know if you are offended by this blog post or you think it's OK. Also curious for your general opinion on sports stars doing the skin thing in mags.