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Scott Olsen: Pathetic

Aaaolsen      Pitcher Scott Olsen, arrested early this morning and pictured here in his police booking photos, has obvious anger-management problems or other mental issues that the Marlins had better start to deal with, fast. Meanwhile he should be suspended again. He has become an embarrassment to the club with his immature behavior. It would be a shock if anybody in the clubhouse still respected or trusted this kid after such a series of punky behavior.

     Find the sad story here. There is a clear difference in the matters of Olsen and of Dolphin Chris Chambers. Chambers' recent police matter was his first public blemish, a record that earned benefit of doubt and lenience. In Olsen's case it's just the latest problem.

     Dear Scott: You owe your team and Marlins fans a public apology, and a new attitude. One more incident and the Marlins ought to trade your no-class ass to whatever team is willing to put up with your s---.