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POLL: On Dolphins as camp opens

     Taking the pulse of Dolfan Nation as the 2007 season ceremonially unfurls with Saturday's first full-squad workday of training camp...

What best reflects your attitude for the coming season:
Very optimistic
Cautiously optimistic
Been disappointed too often; show me

What best reflects your general early opinion of Cam Cameron:
Very favorable
Mostly favorable
Mostly unfavorable
Jury still out

What is your degree of confidence in QB Trent Green:
Very confident
Somewhat confident
Not very confident

How are you liking Ted Ginn Jr. as the No. 1 pick:
I'm excited and think he was the right choice
Not sure yet
Still wish they'd picked Brady Quinn

Rate the club's handling of the Daunte Culpepper situation:
Just right
Just awful

What is your biggest area of concern entering camp?
Offensive line

What is your verdict on the "home" game in London?
Positive: It's good for the team and the league
Negative: It should be at Dolphin Stadium, not Wembley

Grade Wayne Huizenga as Dolphins owner:

How do you see the Dolphins faring this season?
The playoff drought ends! (10-plus wins)
Improved with a chance at a wild card (7-9 wins)
Not this year (6-or-fewer wins)

     Discussion is welcome on any of the above or anything else on your Dolfan mind as camp opens.