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On the Fantastic Four, nameless 'Canes, benching Vick, coddling Olsen and more

     A bowl of Tuesday jambalaya...

Aaamt      Well, it's Don Shula, Dan Marino, Joe Robbie and Wayne Huizenga on South Florida's mythical, sporting Mount Rushmore via The Herald's Fantastic Four vote. You OK with the choices? The results tell you what you already knew: That the Dolphins rule this town.

     UM football coach Randy Shannon stripping the names off the backs of jerseys this season to symbolically emphasize "team" over "me." Small thing. But good.

     NFL bars dog-fightin' Michael Vick from Falcons training camp until Aaamv Aaamv2 the league reviews federal charges against him. Good idea, and likely a relief to the Falcons. I write about the embarrassment facing each of our Big Three sports -- Vick, NBA ref scandal, Barry Bonds -- in today's column you'd find here

     Seems the Marlins are being lax with Scott Olsen by not disciplining him for his latest display of immaturity. How do you get suspended for a minor altercation with a teammate ... but not for a DUI bust in which you evaded police, resisted arrest with violence and had to be tasered?

     Which Harrington has had a better week: Padraig, winning the British Open? Or Joey, becoming No. 1 QB on the wing of Vick's mess?

Aaab2     David Beckham is injured. The good news? Victoria seems quite healthy.

     Drew Carey, taking over for Bob Barker on The Price Is Right. Big buildup to an announcement concerning a show nobody has watched for 20 years.

     Headlines You Thought You'd Never See, one in a series.

Aaanigeria      Finally, Nigerian pupils have begun using inexpensive, donated laptops. At left, a student is pictured ogling a nude photo of Serena Williams in Greg Cote's blog.