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On Ronnie, Smush, Walsh vs. Shula, D-Train and more

     A melange of miscellania (pardon the redundancy; I'm a slave to alliteration) for a Tuesday in paradise...

Aaabrown      RONNIE BROWN: This is the offensive system and the year that will tell us whether the Dolphins' third-year runner has the talent to become Lil' LaDainian (Tomlinson East?) or not. How good can Ronnie be? Click here for today's column by me. Then tell us what you think.

Aaasmush      SMUSH POWER!: They called William Henry Parker's father "Smush" and the nickname was handed down. The Heat's new point guard is low-budget and off the marquee in terms of free agent signings, but I give him a shot to beat Jason Williams for the start. You?

     STUFF IT, JOSE: Jose Canseco, pimping an upcoming new book, tells a Boston radio station he has "other stuff" he'll reveal about Alex Rodriguez. Doesn't say he means steroids. Doesn't say he doesn't. At some point Canseco turned from baseball to slimeball. Sad.

     DAUNTE HEADING WEST?: Oakland media reporting Daunte Culpepper is talking with the Raiders. He'd be a better fit in Jacksonville, which offered him a three-year deal he rejected.

     AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE BY BARRY BONDS: Geez get it over with already, will ya?

Aaabill Aaadon      WALSH VS. SHULA: The late Bill Walsh is being revered and eulogized as a legendary NFL innovator in a manner exceeding the credit given all-time wins leader Don Shula. Anybody disagree? It may be crazy to ask, but does Shula get the credit he deserves?

     TRADING WILLIS?: Save an offer too good to refuse by tomorrow's deadline, the Marlins ought not trade Dontrelle Willis. Innings-eating 25-year-old lefties are too valuable. D-Train is 65-49 with a mid-three career ERA. I don't think he's done, or close to it.

Aaagwynn      COOPERSTOWN: You catch the Hall induction ceremony? Cal Ripken Jr. is in because he played a record 2,632 games in a row. Coincidentally, by the look of it, Tony Gwynn currently has eaten 2,632 meals in a row.

     DAVID BECKHAM: The most exciting injured guy not playing in the history of sports.

     CURTIS MARTIN: Jet retires fourth all-time in rushing yards. That alone should get him to Canton, but I don't call him a Hall lock or a first-ballot guy. Led the league in rushing but once. Never who you thought of first (or second, or third...) when the topic was elite backs.

     CELTICS STRATEGY: Adding Kevin Garnett to a lineup with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce gives Boston star-power. Not sure it makes the Cloverleafs instant contenders, but it does shift the NBA power balance from West to East a smidgen more.

     X GAMES: The annoying contrivance of ESPN's starts Wednesday. Bunch of slackers on skateboards. Anybody admit to being interested?

Aaapanda      Finally, Headlines You Thought You'd Never See, one in a series.