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Huizenga wins bluff; Ginn signs

     [Updated Friday, 7-27: Ted Ginn signing today ahead of Wayne Huizenga's deadline means we'll never know if ol' H was bluffing about suspending any rookies not signed by the start of camp. Give Huizenga credit, though. He won the hand and without even having to show his cards].

     [Updated Thursday, 7-26: Ouch! Getting the distinct impression most of you didn't like the column. It's OK. If you all agreed with everything I wrote I'd be worried. For both of us...]

     Well my column appearing in Thursday's Herald was posted online early (click here) so I figured I'd open up a blog post for commentary should any in the populace feel so inclined.

     How I would love it if Ted Ginn wasn't signed by Friday, testing Wayne Huizenga's edict that rookies unsigned by the start of training camp would sit the entire season.

     It isn't an "anti-Dolphins" opinion. Rather, it is an examination of why Huizenga's deadline is toothless and ultimately counter-productive when it comes to a No. 1 pick. Let's say Ginn had missed the deadline by a day. Anybody honestly think he would have been banned from playing for the year or that he should have been. I sure don't.