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Hey Dolfans! Do you have a negative vibe?

Aaads      My boy Dan Le Batard proffers a poesy of pessimism in his Sunday column (find it here), under the headline, "Who can blame Fins fans for their negative vibes?"

     I found it gloomy yet sadly accurate, but wondered if it spoke for most fans. Which is why I offer this forum for Dolfans to weigh in as the 2007 season unfurls in a week with the opening of training camp.

     Was the column's tone on or off the mark? What is your state of optimism or pessimism as the South Florida flagship prepares to set sail with Cam Cameron and Trent Green at the wheel?

Aaads2      I might pose the question another way if only as an excuse to run the gratuitous photo at left: Are the team's prospects looking as good as the team's cheerleaders?