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Save the Orange Bowl rally!

Aaaob       This Saturday, Aug. 4, at 11 a.m., friends of the Orange Bowl plan to gather outside the west end zone of the grand old stadium to rally in support of saving the OB as the home of University of Miami football.

     Will you help? Will you spend a bit of your time on this grass-roots effort to maintain 70 years of UM and South Florida history?

     Maybe these efforts will attract only a passionate few dozen. Maybe hundreds will show up. Or maybe -- if enough people care -- thousands wilAaaob2l appear. I have no idea. That's up to you.

    Likewise we can't know if this effort will do any good, only that it couldn't hurt. It will let Donna Shalala know where Hurricane hearts are in a manner that individual letters and e-mails cannot.

     A UM/OB fan named Mike Mangini has agreed to volunteer as an organizational hub for this rally. You may reach Mike at myami_002004@yahoo.com to pledge involvement or ask questions.

     Another UM/OB fan, John McGrady, started an online petition that you'd find here. It had more than 3,000 signatures when last I checked.

     Yet another 'Canes fan, Rory Ellis, is behind the "Orange Revolution," a plan for fans to dress in that color for all home games. You'd find his website here.

     By the way, in case you don't know (or couldn't guess) how I stand on the OB issue, click here to read my June column.