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Somebody stop Billy Donovan!

Aaabilly      [Updated late Thursday: He's gone. Good luck, Billy].

     The Orlando Sentinel is reporting (find their story here) that Billy Donovan -- pictured at left kneeling and praying for divine guidance -- is "expected" to bolt the Florida Gators for the NBA's Orlando Magic. We all know there's a bunch of wiggle room in that word.

     Assuming he leaves, please spare me the outrage. He'd have the right. He has delivered UF two national titles. Leaving wouldn't make him a "traitor," a "backstabber," "disloyal" or anything like that.

     But it would make him not very smart, I'd say. He's the king of  Gainesville (or at least the crown prince). In the NBA he'd challenge a long history of failed attempts by college hotshots to make the jump. He'd be switching, in effect, from a coach's league to a player's league. He'd instantly be closer to a firing line than a championship parade.

Aaaclash      Adapting the immortal words of The Clash: "Should he stay or should he go now? If he stays it could be trouble. If he goes it could be double."