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Contest: What's your pet peeve?

Aaapetpeeves     [Updated Thursday, 5-31: Keep those peeves comin'. Entrants accepted through midnight Friday. Winner announced Monday morning].

     We all have particular little annoyances we call "pet peeves." I have a slew; 10 of them are listed below.

     Now it's your turn. Mention your pet peeve -- no more than one per comment please! -- and we'll pick the one we like best and lavish you with some sort of prize. (If winning peeve is mentioned more than once, first one posted wins).

     Possible prizes will include a special-access pass to the Dolphins' June 8-10 minicamp; a Marlins media guide; a 2007 NBA Finals replica trophy; or your chance to write a column on any topic and have it appear (with your photo) in this blog.

     Check out my pet peeves, then give me one that's more original or even more peeving than these...

     Parents who seat their baby/toddler on counter when ordering at restaurant -- Saw it most recently at a Dunkin' Donuts. Dear Parent: We don't want your precious one's ass where the food goes.

     Advertising where it is jarringly out of place -- Ever eaten at an Original Pancake House? The menu (the menu!) is filled with ads. "Am I ready to order? Yes. I'll take another restaurant."

     Unsolicited callers trying to sell something -- Sure, I'd love to refinance my home through some stranger who just interupted my dinner! Especially love them calling their intrusion "a courtesy call."

     Drivers who tie up traffic by waiting for parking spot to open -- There are plenty of open spots right over there, but Gomer here is going to wait two minutes with his blinker on for this spot.

     Teams giving fans in stands less info than they'd get watching on TV -- Example: Player is injured and leaves game. Viewers at home get the full story asap. Fans in attendance hear nothing.

     Readers/e-mailers who say I have written something incendiary to "sell papers" -- Bulletin: Major events (Hurricane Andrew, Heat win title) cause spike in sales. Today's column by me? Probably not. 

     Drivers unprepared for toll booth -- They pull up and only then begin fumbling for their money. Act like you've done this before, Jed. Have the bills or change ready.

     Adult baseball fans way too enamored of foul ball -- I don't mean you shouldn't be excited to get one. But don't elbow past a child or reach over some kid's waiting glove to do it.

     Loud talkers -- Most noticable when they are on a cell phone or in a restaurant. Dear Oblivious Megaphone: Tone down the decibels. What you are booming could not be of less interest.

     Restaurants that won't accomodate small request -- Example: I love chicken wings, but the "flat" kind, not the drumsticks. Is giving me 10 all-flats really that impossibly taxing to the diva fry cook?

     OK. Now what's your pet peeve?