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Lost & Found, Episode 2

     Our new Lost & Found series features occasional columns catching you up with former prominent South Florida sports personalities who have fallen from the headlines.

Aaamira      Today in Episode 2 we bring you UM's first star quarterback, George Mira. The Heat's early-'90s unlikely fan favorite, Alan Ogg. And the original Dolphin starting quarterback, Dick Wood.

     (By the way, because a few e-mailers have asked: The recipient of Mira's "MIRAcle" pass was Nick Spinelli. And the Gator defender who forced Mira's hand was fellow Key Wester Sam Holland, now a Miami attorney).   

     Episode 1 featured Sammie Smith, Earl Weaver and Sam Jankovich.

     Have in mind a suggested subject for a future Lost & Found episode? Drop a name below or to gcote@miamiherald.com.