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Kobe to Heat ... NOT!

Aaakobe     [Updated Thursday, 5-31. You'd find right here today's column by me on the Kobe saga. He went from demanding a trade to being mollified pretty quickly. Not sure if we should believe the mollified part]. 

     Kobe Bryant on Wednesday made official his strong desire that the Lakers trade him, then softened his rhetoric by day's end. We are left not sure what to believe.

     Speculating on a possible trade, Miami is probably one of the potential destinations that may be ruled out entirely, because Shaquille O'Neal is here and because Dwyane Wade is Da Man, to name two huge reasons.

     A few questions:

     1. Would you blame Kobe for wanting out?

     2. What team would most likely to get him?

     3. Just for fun, because it would never happen unless Pat Riley suddenly lost his mind: Would you trade Wade to get him?