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Grilling ribs, rating Chambers, dissing Danica and more

     A Tuesday torrent to bust the spell of a long holiday weekend...

     Sorry we haven't fed the blog for a few days. Too busy Aaaapron solemnly marking Memorial Day Weekend and all it stands for by partying with friends and consuming a vat of Miller Lite. Wife and I argued at length Monday over whether it's advisable to par-boil ribs before grilling. I think we've been married way too long. Ribs turned out OK, not great. The good news? At least I wasn't wearing a nerdy chef's apron like this guy.

     Feature in the paper today (find it here) about Dolphin receiver Chris Chambers. Rate Chambers. Great? Good? OK? Disappointment?

     Danica Patrick, eighth in the Indianapolis 500. Still hasn't won a race. Tick-tock, Dani. You and Michelle Wie are in a pitched battle for the Anna Kournikova Cup, awarded to the female athlete who has seven tons of hype, but no wins.

Aaaashley      That reminds me. Dario Franchitti wins the Indy 500 and goes home with Ashley Judd. I could work up a pretty strong dislike for that guy.

     Anaheim takes the opener of the Stanley Cup Finals, raising the question: Is there a more embarrassing nickname in professional sports than Ducks?

     Congrats to UM baseball for making another NCAA regional. The last time the Canes didn't make a regional, it was only because Doubleday hadn't thought up the game yet.

Aaacharlesnelsonreilly      R.I.P., Charles Nelson Reilly. You acted flamboyantly gay before it became trendy. Also you wore glasses the size of television screens.

     Miss Japan was crowned Miss Universe, although the title is not being recognized by Greg Cote, who issued a statement saying, "I dunno. To me, she really doesn't look Japanese." 

     Le Batard wrote Sunday the Marlins don't need the song and dance at home games: the Mermaids, fireworks, post-game concerts etc. Wrong. Dolphins and Heat don't need the bells and whistles. But a baseball team averaging around 15K? I say throw in a raffle and the rumor of a public stoning of Castro if it'll fill seats.

     My paper also had a recent column advising Marlins fans to start worrying because the annual rumors about trading Dontrelle Willis are bound to start. Why People Hate the Media, part 643.

Aaajimmy      Finally: "Your blog's OK, but I'll never visit again unless you run a photo of Jimmy Johnson wearing a funny hat after -- apparently -- several Heinekens."