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Trent Green held hostage and more...

     Cornucopia of miscellania for a Wednesday in South Florida, updated Thursday...

Aaagreen       Aaakoppel"Trent Green Held Hostage, Day 100. I'm Ted Koppel, and this is Nightline." (I know Koppel doesn't host that show anymore. But he did last time I watched it). You'd find right here today's column by me on the endlessly pending-imminent-but delayed Green trade.

     The Portland Trail Blazers bucked NBA lottery odds to win the No. 1 pick in the June 28 draft. Uh oh. Anybody Aaabowie remember Sam Bowie? Last time the T-B's had a pick nearly this high (No. 2 in 1984) and a decision this big, they chose Bowie over some guy named Michael Jordan. We hereby challenge Portland to top that this year by not picking Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.

     Pssst. The Marlins have won four straight. Keep it to yourself.

     Question: Is anybody outside the partcipating cities interested in an Ottawa-Anaheim Stanley Cup Finals? The national TV ratings will be socceresque.

     Thanks, by the way, to the more than 1,200 bloggers who have cast around 10,000 votes in our latest poll, found just below. Good stuff. Going to try to start offering at least one poll a week here.

Aaanick      Love all the Nick Saban-as-Satan coverage of him back in So Fla recruiting for Alabama. Please! You think some local player all starry- eyed over the chance to play for the storied Crimson Tide gives half a rat's a-- that Saban left the Dolphins on bad terms?

     Former Olympic speed skating champ Apolo Ohno won Dancing With the Stars last night. Tonight the daughter of ex-NFL cornerback Phillippi Sparks, Jordin, will win American Idol. New rule: From now on, no athletes or their kin may compete on reality shows. Participants will be limited to regular people with dork bloodlines.

     Jason Giambi supposedly failed an amphetamines test. OK. You know what, though? Guys who come clean and admit what they've done should catch a break over those who deny and deny and then are proved liars as well as users.

Aaacaveman      ABC is turning the Caveman from that Geico commercial into a sitcom. Initial thought: Evidently the network execs haven't seen those amusing Saturday Night Live skits that bombed as full-length films.

     Finally, "Once I'm asleep, nothing wakes me. Seriously."