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Did A-Rod cheat? Twice!?

     And you wonder why the New York tabloids love Miami's own Alex Rodriguez even if Yankees fans don't always seem to?

Aaastrayrod2      The instant-classic headline 'STRAY-ROD' blared from the New York Post yesterday, for this story claiming A-Rod has been squiring a certain not-his-wife blond to various high-end strip clubs, restaurants and hotels. An inside Post headline called him 'Yankee Doodle Randy.' Gotta love those tabs!

Aaaarod      But A-Rod wasn't done. Today he's the subject of a 'YANKEE PANKY' headline from last night's game vs. Toronto, when Alex yelled something that made Blue Jays 3B Howie Clark not catch the ball. A-Rod admitted he shouted, "Hah!" Clark thought he heard, "Mine!" Big controversy, with Jays calling it "bush league." That story here.

     A question for each issue:

     1. Is A-Rod's off-field life (including his suggested infidelity) fair game for the media?

     2. Shouting to distract an opponent is neither against any rule nor very sportsmanslike. Do you give A-Rod credit for resourcefulness or agree it's bush league?

     Postscript: Don't feel too bad for Alex. In Sports Illustrated's latest Fortunate 50 list of biggest-earning American athletes -- Tiger's first, Shaq's fourth, complete list here -- Mr. A-Rod pulls in No. 9 at $28 million. That buys a lot of anything, including but not limited to blonds and divorce lawyers.