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Superblog: Saban's loose lips

     It's the Thursday before, three days 'til gametime, and here's another dose...

Aaanick      1. Dolphins quitter-coach Nick Saban continues to grow more and more into a feral sewer rat in the minds and hearts of South Florida. Imagining even his former fans around LSU are picturing his head on a snake's body right about now. Alabama must be so proud!

     (By the way, I know this maybe doesn't belong in something called "Superblog," but you've got to admit Saban in trouble for saying "coonass" is a hoot, and more interesting than most of the Super Bowl preamble crap happening. Besides, it's my blog party and I'll cry if I want to).

     So Saban refers to Louisiana's Acadians (or Cajuns) as "coonasses," which of course is considered a derogatory term, in off-the-record but taped comments with South Florida reporters a day after he fled Miami for Tuscaloosa.

     This became Coonassgate when Herald sports writer Jeff Darlington shared a recording of Saban's comments with WQAM's Orlando Alzugaray, not thinking the latter would broadcast them. Now Darlington has apologized along with Saban, although poor Jeff's biggest crime may have been leaking this to the rival station of 790 The Ticket, with whom The Herald has a business partnership.

     Leaving this topic now, but not before asking you to consider the irony of Saban, a self-confessed West Virginia "hillbilly," calling other Aaabear people "coonasses." Suggestion to Nick: Open your next news conference with a derogatory tirade against Alabamans. And throw in a line or two making fun of the way Bear Bryant looked in those silly houndstooth hats.

Aaatank      2. Tank Johnson, please shut up. Take responsibility, at least.

     "I'm young, I'm black, I've got tattoos." That was the Bears defensive tackle's answer to his problems, blaming stereotypes and racism. Please. Your reputation was earned, Tank. By your three arrests since 2002 -- the last for having six unlicensed guns including two assault rifles.

     Because of Johnson, Chicago may be the only team that has more weapons on defense than on offense. Should be an even game, though, especially if Peyton Manning uses a lot of shotgun.

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