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Superblog: What's wrong with Super Bowl Week?

     It's the Tuesday before, five days 'til gametime, and here's another daily dose...

Aaaxli_1        Aaahate_11. Why do you hate Super Bowl Week? I am using this blog as a gauge. Most other posts here elicit dozens of comments, some several hundred. But these Superblog posts garner a trickle.

     I suspect that even the majority who will be interested in the game itself find the buildup predictable and rather numbing. Which makes me wonder if our daily special Super Bowl sections are being deployed directly as birdcage liners.

     Inviting your thoughts on Super Bowl Week -- the buildup to the game -- and what about it interests or bores you.

Aaaedwin      2. I was pleased to be at a dinner given Monday night in honor of Miami Herald legend (and my mentor) Edwin Pope, who recently marked his 50th anniversary with our newspaper and who is one of only four writers to have covered all 41 Super Bowls.

     My love of writing and the seed for what I would do for a living grew from reading Edwin. With him, words always are perfectly chosen, and the language is never in better care. Congratulations on both your 50th and 41st, Edwin. Many more.

Aaamd      3. Click on the following for today's edition of our Super Bowl With a Smirk notes column.