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Superblog: Don't die this week, Fidel

     It's the Wednesday before, four days 'til gametime, and here's another dose...

Aaasb_2        1.Aaafidel_1 Thousands of journalists are here from across the country and hundreds more from abroad to cover the Super Bowl. There would not be more media here for a major political convention.

     So this would not be a good week for Fidel Castro to die. I suspect the reaction to his demise across much of Miami -- outright celebration -- would be portrayed by the gathered press as an embarrassment to South Florida.

     Already we are ripe for criticism for that city-organized event at the Orange Bowl upon Castro's death. There were plans for music and T-shirts, plans to make it nothing less than a party, until an outcry forced the city to retreat. Loved the line on CNN: "When Castro dies, Miami will party like it's 1959."

     Let the people who despise Cuba's dictator dance in the streets upon his death if they wish. It's a free country. But how unseemly for Miami's city and county officials to have a hand in the carnival.

     [The preceding political rant has nothing to do with the Super Bowl at all, of course, a tangient that may be indicative of the writer's increasing boredom with Super Bowl Week].Aaaradio

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