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Super Bowl: COLTS-BEARS!

Aaasb_1       Aaasbind                Aaasbchi2            [Updated Monday afternoon, 1-22: First betting line I've seen has Colts favored by 7. Big. But the logic is simple. Hardly anyone in America, excepting those who worship Sundays at Soldier Field, can figure any way that Rex Grossman is going to keep pace with Peyton Manning.]

Aaabrian      NFC: I figured Saints' offensive firepower would best what I saw as a vulnerable Bears defense. Oops! Oooooops. Chicago is headed to Miami after a resounding 39-14 NFC rout of visiting New Orleans. It was the weather. It was Saints mistakes. It was Da Bears prevailing despite early awfulness by Rex Grossman. It was yours truly, underestimating Chicago. Another great pick by me, huh? I couldn't predict tomorrow's sunrise and get it right.

     Aaapm_1 AFC: As you'd see by my game column found here, this game was about as good as it gets. Don't see how the Super Bowl will top it. I liked Peyton and the Colts for the AFC title. Might even have envisioned such a shootout. But 38-34 decided in the last minute? Wow. A true thriller. The burden is lifting from Manning. One more win, though, before it's lifted.

     Comments welcome here on the Super Bowl matchup we have inherited. My initial take? You can't do much better than a Manning-Grossman duel of QBs: A bona fide all-time great against a guy happy to not explode right in the middle of the huddle.