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Will Dolfans root against Manning?

     A little sporting smorgasbord for your Wednesday...

Aaamm      1. The postulate has been put to me in several e-mails and unbidden comments from friends and acquaintances the past couple of days: That Dolfans -- at least those who worship Dan Marino, which is most -- will root against Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl because they don't want him to have what Danny does not. A ring, of course. Wondering if this is the far fringe of opinion (I didn't say lunatic fringe!) or something darkly prevailing?

     2. Granted the Knicks aren't very good, but a Heat-record 27-point run in an easy win despite the absence of Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade? Just when you want to think no-way on a HeatPeat or even a return to the Finals, this team reels you back in.Aaabrown_car

     3. How much would you pay for Ronnie Brown's customized Toyota Sequoia (left) and two Super Bowl tickets? Find the eBay link by clicking here.

     4. Anybody believe Bill Parcells is really retired? Isn't this just to get away from Terrell Owens? I suspect that, after a season off, Tuna and Bill Cowher will be A-list free agent coaches weighing  offers a year from now.

Aaamarve      5. UM football has lost another quarterback recruit but seems close to landing Tampa's hotshot Robert Marve (pictured). The big question: Would any local newspaper be able to resist a headline play on "Marve-lous news"?

     6. NASCAR finally has noodled with its "Chase" format to place more emphasis on actually winning races. For a sport that moves 180 mph, this one took its time catching up to common sense.

     7. If an NHL All-Star game was held on TV and nobody saw it, would it still make a noise?