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Who to pick in Dolphins' 2007 draft

     We glance ahead to the 2007 Dolphins draft in a column in today's paper that you'd find here. So what if it's still six months away! Anything to take the mind off a 1-6 season that, as of right now, would give Miami a top-three overall pick.

     Two questions, Dolfans.

     1. Would you rather see the team rally for a respectable finish at the expense of draft order, or bite the bullet on continued awfulness and come out with a top-five pick?

     2. What position should Miami target? Four guys I mention in rough order are Wisconsin left offensive tackle Joe Thomas, Clemson, DE/OLB Gaines Adams, Ohio State DT Quinn Pitcock and Michigan CB Leon Hall -- each slotted between 2 and 7 overall in Mel Kiper Jr.'s latest draft rankings.