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Unsportsmanlike: Mon 10-30

     Occasional quick hits on topical oddities in news, pop culture and sometimes even sports...

     Joke making the Internet rounds:


     Davie, FL -- Miami Dolphins practice was delayed nearly two hours today after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. Coach Nick Saban suspended practice and notified police and federal agents.

     After a complete analysis, FBI forensic experts determined that the white powdery substance unfamiliar to players was the goalline.

     The final Jim Davis-Charlie Crist televised debate is tonight. Based on what I've heard of dissatisfied voters, the next elected governor of Florida may be named "Neither."

     Extraordinarily Popular South Florida Events in Which I Have Never Participated, one in a series: The Herald Hunt.Aacrime_2   

     A new listing of America's most dangerous cities ranks St. Louis and Detroit 1-2. Maybe that's why the World Series got such low ratings. People in the two cities were either in jail or had had their TVs stolen.

     We cannot state for sure that some people have way too much time on their hands, but we continue to collect evidence.

     My paper's Tropical Life section has a cover story today glamorizing local poker player Michael Mizrachi. Thanks, Herald. Just when I'm trying to convince my 19-year-old the college degree is important just in case the Texas Hold 'Em career doesn't work out.

     Barbra Streisand, in last night's concert in Sunrise, did not perform a song more recent than 1976. Unfortunately, ticket prices were from 2006.

     R.I.P., Red Auerbach.

     IAabuffett'm a Jimmy Buffett fan, though I think he's put out a lot of lame stuff in his post-heydays. Picked up the new CD on the strength of a strong opening cut, "Bama Breeze," which to my ears is his best single in years. It's Jimmy taking back a signature genre (all hail the local bar!) from country purloiners like Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney. Any Parrotheads out there?