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38 posts from October 2006

October 31, 2006

POLL: Will a HeatPeat happen?

     The Heat opened defense of its NBA championship Tuesday night at home against Chicago, and we're curious how fans are feeling. Weigh in...

How will the Heat fare this season?
Win a second straight championship
Win conference but lose in Finals
Fail to reach Finals

Miami's biggest challenge in East will come from:

Biggest Western challenge to a repeat title will come from:

What is your biggest concern?
Aging players
Lack of hunger due to having already won
Minimal change/improvement in roster
No real concerns

Is Dwyane Wade the best player in the NBA?

Is Shaquille O'Neal the league's best center?

Is Pat Riley the best active coach?

Scary Halloween Masks


October 30, 2006

Who to pick in Dolphins' 2007 draft

     We glance ahead to the 2007 Dolphins draft in a column in today's paper that you'd find here. So what if it's still six months away! Anything to take the mind off a 1-6 season that, as of right now, would give Miami a top-three overall pick.

     Two questions, Dolfans.

     1. Would you rather see the team rally for a respectable finish at the expense of draft order, or bite the bullet on continued awfulness and come out with a top-five pick?

     2. What position should Miami target? Four guys I mention in rough order are Wisconsin left offensive tackle Joe Thomas, Clemson, DE/OLB Gaines Adams, Ohio State DT Quinn Pitcock and Michigan CB Leon Hall -- each slotted between 2 and 7 overall in Mel Kiper Jr.'s latest draft rankings.

Unsportsmanlike: Mon 10-30

     Occasional quick hits on topical oddities in news, pop culture and sometimes even sports...

     Joke making the Internet rounds:


     Davie, FL -- Miami Dolphins practice was delayed nearly two hours today after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. Coach Nick Saban suspended practice and notified police and federal agents.

     After a complete analysis, FBI forensic experts determined that the white powdery substance unfamiliar to players was the goalline.

     The final Jim Davis-Charlie Crist televised debate is tonight. Based on what I've heard of dissatisfied voters, the next elected governor of Florida may be named "Neither."

     Extraordinarily Popular South Florida Events in Which I Have Never Participated, one in a series: The Herald Hunt.Aacrime_2   

     A new listing of America's most dangerous cities ranks St. Louis and Detroit 1-2. Maybe that's why the World Series got such low ratings. People in the two cities were either in jail or had had their TVs stolen.

     We cannot state for sure that some people have way too much time on their hands, but we continue to collect evidence.

     My paper's Tropical Life section has a cover story today glamorizing local poker player Michael Mizrachi. Thanks, Herald. Just when I'm trying to convince my 19-year-old the college degree is important just in case the Texas Hold 'Em career doesn't work out.

     Barbra Streisand, in last night's concert in Sunrise, did not perform a song more recent than 1976. Unfortunately, ticket prices were from 2006.

     R.I.P., Red Auerbach.

     IAabuffett'm a Jimmy Buffett fan, though I think he's put out a lot of lame stuff in his post-heydays. Picked up the new CD on the strength of a strong opening cut, "Bama Breeze," which to my ears is his best single in years. It's Jimmy taking back a signature genre (all hail the local bar!) from country purloiners like Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney. Any Parrotheads out there?

October 28, 2006

Georgia Tech 30, Hurricanes 23

     [Updated Saturday night. Sorry for the delay. Just got back to my hotel room after writing from Florida's win over Georgia in Jacksonville. Watching the Bulldogs reminded me of UM, unfortunately. Just a pretty good college team. Nothing special].

     I believe the Larry Coker Era ended today. It gives me no delight whatsoever to say it or think it. I know many of you feel differently. Coker will finish out the season, but I can no longer imagine a reasonable scenario that finds UM having him back.

     Miami's schedule toughened beginning today and commenced the "Big Finish" to the season. The question was whether Big Finish would mean the Canes rallying to win the ACC title and get into a BCS bowl ... or the end of Coker. We saw which way it swung.

     This was a huge road game that gave the Hurricanes a chance to in effect say, "We're back. Do not discount The U." Instead it was another chance lost.

     Comments welcome below on why you think the game was lost, where it leaves the season and, of course, Coker's future.

October 27, 2006

WS: World's worst World Series?

Aatigers        Aacards(Updated late Friday night, 10-27, after St. Louis won again to win the World Series 4 games to 1). 

     Tigers-Cardinals in the World Series. It's 1968 again. Beatles singing "Hey Jude." Vietnam War. Me nerding the halls of Driftwood Junior High.

     Tigers-Cards '06? Found myself rooting for Detroit, an underdog even as early favorites -- considering they'd had 12 consecutive losing seasons coming in.

  Aakennyrogers_1  TigersAacarpenter_5 had tied it Sunday because Kenny Rogers (far left) shut out St. Lou on two hits. That was before Chris Carpenter (near left) pitched an equal gem Tuesday to blank Detroit. Now it was Redbirds in the catbird's seat.

     Question: Why do you figure this was considered an unattractive World Series based on depressing TV ratings? Too Midwest regional?

Barry Bonds a Marlin?

Aabonds     Being a professional agitant and amateur irritant, I am just throwing it out there, folks...

     A) Barry Bonds said today he plans to file for free agency and the Giants show zero indication of wishing to re-sign him.

     B) The Marlins finished last in attendance and have a chance to pursue the man who'll be chasing Hank Aaron's all-time home run record.

     Should they, assuming the price is right? Does the steroids cloud weigh in your answer? Bottom line: Say you are GM Larry Beinfest. Is Bonds an aging plague whose availability should be utterly ignored ... or are you intrigued enough to at least pick up the phone?

Dolphins only 33rd on 'Cursed Team' list

     In today's column on our NFL predictions page (find it here under the headline 'Misery finds some company'), we put in context the Dolphins' 33-season Super Bowl championship drought.

     It is frustrating and vexing to Dolfans, but we're way, way back on the waiting list in national terms. Of 122 existing franchises in the Big Four sports, 32 other teams/fans have been waiting longer to celebrate either a first championship or a next one.

     Nevertheless, if you DO believe the Dolphins are cursed, we invite you here to identify the cause and/or offer a solution.

     Could it be that insipid, insiduous fight song they play after every score? Do fans of a 1-6 team that just settled for a field goal really need to be serenaded and mocked by some merry, moldy lyrics falsely stating the Dolphins are still a league power?

     AabarbieOr could it be the very "Dolfans" nickname? I mean, it's comfortable and sort of catchy but, heard phonetically, "Dolfans" could be describing a bunch of Barbie collectors. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

  Aajoer   Personally, I believe the ghost of Joe Robbie began haunting this franchise the moment they sold-out and stripped his name off the stadium. The Curse of the Robbino.

Unsportsmanlike: Fri 10-27

     Occasional quick hits on topical oddities in pop culture, news and sometimes even sports...

     A Herald story today asks, "Is missing Ricky still missed?" Well, the Dolphins are 7-20 without Williams. Anybody who think he isn't missed must be on dope.

     Cowboys assistant coach Todd Haley is suing a Dallas-area McDonald's, claiming his wife found a rat in a salad. No luck yet, but still trying to find a way to blame Terrell Owens.

   Aakurt  If interested, here is some info on Mrs. Haley's favorite song.

    Kurt Cobain has edged Elvis Presley in Forbes.com's latest list of "Top-Earning Dead Celebrities." Presley had been No. 1 every year since its inception in 2001. Celebrities reportedly are dying to get on the list. (Sorry).Aatoilet

     Greg, Your blog's OK, but would be much better if you would show a picture of a woman enjoying a meal at a toilet-themed restaurant in Shenzhen, China.

     Is anybody actually a bit concerned that the Heat were 2-5 in the preseason? Yeah, me neither.

     Is it too soon for making light of Steve Irwins' death as South Park did? Maybe. But it's not too soon to be asking if it's too soon.

     Looked up "greedy athlete" in the dictionary and saw a picture of  Gary Sheffield being angry the Yankees plan to exercise his $13 million option rather than let him be a free agent.

October 25, 2006

Unsportsmanlike: Wed 10-25

     Occasional quick hits on topical oddities in pop culture, news and sometimes even sports...

     Butch Davis told The Miami Herald he wants to return to coaching (find story here) and wouldn't rule out any job. The revelation debuted at No. 2 on a list of The World's Least Surprising News, right after violence in Iraq. Politically correct Butch is quoted saying a lot of nothing. Given truth serum, he might have said, "I'd truly love to replace Larry Coker and come back to UM, but we all know they're much more likely to go after Greg Schiano at Rutgers."

     AacharlieWatchedAageorge the first debate in the governor's race last night and was struck by two things. 1) Did either Jim Davis or Charlie Crist answer a single question without criticizing their opponent rather than focusing on their own plans?; 2) Crist has a creepy tan. Looks like mummified actor George Hamilton.

     Ralpha Arza should resign, if driven only by abject embarrassment.

     Satan has announced a new repository for the worst of the worst called Uber-Hell. The first resident will be Danny Rolling.   

     TAacopshaqurns out Shaquille O'Neal, a reserve deputy in Bedford County, Virginia, participated in a raid there last month in which police busted down the wrong door in a child-pornography raid. Question: What if it was the right door and the guy inside had a gun and Shaq was wounded? "Dear Deputy Shaq, Can you please be a fulltime basketball player the next couple years and delay the police stuff until your retirement? Many thanks. Love, Pat."

     We are not yet positive that criminals are dumber than the rest of us, but we continue to gather evidence.

     I have no problem with UM reinstating suspended receiver Ryan Moore. Although it's no coincidence it coincides with the tough closing stretch of schedule commencing Saturday at Georgia Tech.

     Rush Limbaugh on his radio show accused actor Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's, of "exaggerating the effects of the disease." Ol' Rush is making it easy on those of us who thought he might be an idiot by removing any doubt whatsoever.

     SAaborat_2aw The Departed the other day. Rare when my wife gets me into a theater. I thought the acclaimed film was fine, not great. What I'm really looking forward to is Borat. Not sure what that says about me, but it can't be good.