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Georgia Tech 30, Hurricanes 23

     [Updated Saturday night. Sorry for the delay. Just got back to my hotel room after writing from Florida's win over Georgia in Jacksonville. Watching the Bulldogs reminded me of UM, unfortunately. Just a pretty good college team. Nothing special].

     I believe the Larry Coker Era ended today. It gives me no delight whatsoever to say it or think it. I know many of you feel differently. Coker will finish out the season, but I can no longer imagine a reasonable scenario that finds UM having him back.

     Miami's schedule toughened beginning today and commenced the "Big Finish" to the season. The question was whether Big Finish would mean the Canes rallying to win the ACC title and get into a BCS bowl ... or the end of Coker. We saw which way it swung.

     This was a huge road game that gave the Hurricanes a chance to in effect say, "We're back. Do not discount The U." Instead it was another chance lost.

     Comments welcome below on why you think the game was lost, where it leaves the season and, of course, Coker's future.