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Dolphins only 33rd on 'Cursed Team' list

     In today's column on our NFL predictions page (find it here under the headline 'Misery finds some company'), we put in context the Dolphins' 33-season Super Bowl championship drought.

     It is frustrating and vexing to Dolfans, but we're way, way back on the waiting list in national terms. Of 122 existing franchises in the Big Four sports, 32 other teams/fans have been waiting longer to celebrate either a first championship or a next one.

     Nevertheless, if you DO believe the Dolphins are cursed, we invite you here to identify the cause and/or offer a solution.

     Could it be that insipid, insiduous fight song they play after every score? Do fans of a 1-6 team that just settled for a field goal really need to be serenaded and mocked by some merry, moldy lyrics falsely stating the Dolphins are still a league power?

     AabarbieOr could it be the very "Dolfans" nickname? I mean, it's comfortable and sort of catchy but, heard phonetically, "Dolfans" could be describing a bunch of Barbie collectors. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

  Aajoer   Personally, I believe the ghost of Joe Robbie began haunting this franchise the moment they sold-out and stripped his name off the stadium. The Curse of the Robbino.