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August 31, 2006

Unsportsmanlike: Thu 8-31

     Daily quick hits on topical oddities in pop culture, news and sometimes even sports...

     This isn't right. Now we find out poor Ernesto is being shamed by other hurricanes. At a party last night Wilma called Ernesto a "pansy" and all of the others roared laughter. Except Ivan, who was passed-out-drunk.

     Sad news Wednesday night for those who believed the Marlins would end the season on a 40-game winning streak.

     I don't think The Herald has enough football special sections in today's paper. I stopped counting at around 437. Remember how you tossed around the football with your son in the backyard the other day? We have a special section on that.Amike

     Answer: Desperately broke Mike Tyson, 40, being paid to work out in a ring in the middle of a casino at the Alladin on the Vegas strip. Question: How would you define 'pathetic'?

     Reasons to Fear Flying, No. 683.

     Next time you are making a mental list of the biggest longshots in history, please save a spot for Charles Barkley running for governor of Alabama.

     Civil rights leader Andrew Young is being sued by a group of Korean-American grocers for remarks lamenting that so many small stores in inner-city black neighborhoods are not black-owned. Evidently somebody told the Korean grocers that America had quietly done away with free speech.

     Pink has recorded the opening music for NBC Sunday Night Football. Makes sense. You think football, you think Pink.

     Sorry. No disrespect meant. But when I read that Florida International's Keyonvis Bouie and Antwan Barnes are "possibly the state's top [college] linebackers," the question is begged: Then ... why are they at FIU!?

Today's Column: Zach Thomas

     Every day that we have a column appear in The Herald, we'll post an entry on it here so readers/bloggers have a chance to agree, disagree or comment in any way.Azach_3

     Today's Column: Find it here, by clicking on 'Dolphins' under 2006 Football Previews and then double-clicking on my name. We write a feature for the special section on stalwart linebacker Zach Thomas and propose that something about him -- work ethic? humility? -- make him a fan favorite. What is it about Zach that Dolfans seem to relate to?

Today's Column: Dolphins and the Super Bowl

     [Originally posted 8-29 under the headline 'SI: Dolphins in Super Bowl'].

     Every day that we have a column appear in The Herald, we'll post an entry on it here so readers/bloggers have a chance to agree, disagree or comment in any way.Asi_3

     Today's Column: Find it here. We write on Sports Illustrated in its NFL preview picking the Dolphins for the Super Bowl and how that means our secret is out -- our parochial little supposition of high expectations has gone national. It also means the pressure is on. Be great, or bust.

August 30, 2006

POLL: Greatest Dolphins/Wide Receivers & Tight End

     Welcome to the second in our series of polls inviting you to select the All-Time Greatest Dolphins players by position as we count down to the season opener. We started with Quarterback.

     Today: Wide Receivers and Tight End

     We realize you may have other things on your mind at the moment than voting in our blog poll. But think of it this way. Every vote cast here is a vote against Ernesto!

     We have limited this ballot to wide receivers who made at least one Pro Bowl or had 250-plus career catches, and tight ends with 100-plus career catches.

Vote for the Dolphins' All-Time Greatest Wide Receiver:
Chris Chambers
Mark Clayton
Mark Duper
Irving Fryar
Duriel Harris
O.J. McDuffie
Nat Moore
Paul Warfield

Vote for the Dolphins' All-Time Greatest Tight End:
Troy Drayton
Ferrell Edmunds
Bruce Hardy
Keith Jackson
Jim Mandich
Randy McMichael
Joe Rose

     Prediction/WR: Clayton should win, edging Duper/Warfield/Moore. But wondering if fans are ready to elevate current star Chambers to the Mark Brothers' rareified air.

     Prediction/TE: Hardy gets my old-school vote, but I suspect fans will opt for now and McMichael. Give Mandich or Rose an oustide shot if either should campaign for votes on his radio show.

     You may discuss today's position or lobby for your guy by clicking on comments below. Voting will be today and Thursday.

     On deck: Offensive Tackles/Guards/Center (posted Friday morning)

     All-Time Greatest Dolphins Team (so far)

     QB: Dan Marino (90%)

Heisman hopefuls

     CollegeFootballNews.com lists its Top 100 Heisman Trophy candidates, and Florida quarterback Chris Leak weighs in fourth, after Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn, Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson and Ohio State QB Troy Smith.

      Six other state players join Leak on the list: 25. Florida State QB Drew Weatherford; 28. FSU RB Lorenzo Booker; 38. Miami QB Kyle Wright; 46. Miami RB Tyrone Moss; 82. Miami RB Charlie Jones; and 99. Central Florida QB Steven Moffett. Any problems with that order? Wright may be too low, but you wonder if he has enough weapons to play catch with.

      Find the whole list here. Gotta run. Am in mourning over the egregious absence of FAU Owls.

Today's Column: Jake Scott

     [Originally blog-posted 8-28 under the headline, 'Where's Jake?']

     Continuing a new blog feature. Every day that we have a column appear in The Herald, we'll post an entry on it here so readers/bloggers have a chance to agree, disagree or comment in any way.

     Today's Column: Find it here. We make the case that Jake Scott should have gone onto the Dolphins' Honor Roll along with fellow golden-era safety Dick Anderson. Makes you wonder if Scott -- the team's career interceptions leader and Perfect Season Super Bowl MVP -- is being snubbed because of his bitterness toward Don Shula and estrangement from the club.

     What do you think?

Unsportsmanlike: Wed 8-30

     Daily quick hits on topical oddities in pop culture, news and sometimes even sports...

     You're a wimp, Ernesto! But sincere thanks for that. Shot of cafe Cubano on me, bro.

     No surprises among the Dolphins' mandatory 14 roster cuts. Unless you really thought Brock Berlin would make it. In which case I'll be selling sand on the beach later today should you need any.   

     The American Library Association reports a record low for the number of "challenged" books that some want banned. That's despite the best efforts of the cowtowing Miami-Dade School Board.

     Dwyane Wade and Team USA (7-0) have reached the final four of the basketball world championships. Do we care yet?

     Think being a public figure is all good? Read this. Then ask Craig Minervini.

     A health advocacy group's annual report ranks Florida the 35th fattest state. That's not bad. Analysts said the state would have ranked even better, at 38th, if Greg Cote didn't live here.

     Leaving you today with this urgent news for cow huggers.

August 29, 2006

Nine straight! Can the Marlins do it?

     [Updated Wednesday, 8-30].

     Make it nine straight wins and within one game of .500 and only 1 1/2 back now in the wild-card race for the streaking, Amazin' Marlins. Looking for at least a split in the six-game roadie that began with Tuesday night's win in St. Lou on Scott Olsen's gem.

     By the way -- anybody have a problem with manager Joe Girardi staying home with his very-pregnant wife as Ernesto moved in? I don't.

     If Girardi is right and it will take 85 wins to get the NL wild card spot, that means the Marlins still would have to finish 20-11 from here. Can they do it? Yes. The current streak kindles hope.

     The issue isn't how many teams Florida still must leapfrog in the WC race (it's down to three), but whether the team can maintain close to a .700 pace from here.

     Interested in measuring Marlins fans' degree of optimism that a playoff spot still can be had.Amiguel_5

     Also still interested in thoughts on Miguel Cabrera becoming the sixth-youngest player ever to reach 100 career home runs. I don't think of him as a pure slugger, but with such a strong start, and with continued health, 500-plus is a reasonable projection. And so is Cooperstown.

Unsportsmanlike: Tue 8-29

     Daily quick hits on topical oddities in pop culture, news and sometimes even sports...

     Looks like good news for South Florida, relatively speaking. Ernesto appears to be almost as weak as Fidel Castro.

     The reeling Red Sox have lost home-run leader David Ortiz indefinitely because of an irregular heartbeat. In other news, the Curse of the Bambino has scheduled an afternoon news conference to announce its return.Acell_1

     The Nasdaq-100 Open tennis tournament on Key Biscayne changed sponsors and has become the Sony Ericsson Open. Loving the fact the title sponsor is a cell phone, and if you're seen using a cell phone during a match people look at you like you're a terrorist pedophile. It's like a golf tournament (quiet, please) being sponsored by an air-horn manufacturer.

     Speaking of tennis, checking you for a heartbeat if you are not rooting for Andre Agassi to make a magical run in his U.S Open farewell.

     It wasn't enough that John Mark Karr was creepy. Now he's a liar, too.

     Quick update on the list of biggest busts: Pamela Anderson has just been surpassed by Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano.

     How is it possible the Texas Longhorns' new starting quarterback has a name like Colt McCoy? Who named him? Louis L'Amour?

     Alexi Lalas heads the newest class of inductees into the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame, surprising analysts who didn't know there was a U.S.Soccer Hall of Fame.

     The Beijing News reports Miami Vice has been OK'd by censors in China. Meaning the movie is now cleared to bomb there, too.

     Moooo. Bloody 'ell!

     Marlins manager Joe Girardi's wife may give birth any day now as the team sets out on a week-long road trip, but he has permission to fly home when she goes into labor. Cannot confirm that owner Jeffrey Loria, who is at odds with his manager, told Girardi to stay home as long as needed, such as forever if possible.

     Trend. Some newlyweds are blending their last names to form one. For example, Smith + Jones = Smones. Seriously. Hey, let's just hope Cranston and Knapp don't get married. Holy Crapp!

Greatest Dolphins poll update

     We'll allow two days for voting on each poll, meaning the quarterback poll that debuted yesterday continues today and welcomes your participation just below. Shocking result so far: It's looking pretty good for that Marino guy!

     Our second poll, on wide receivers/tight ends, will appear beginning Wednesday morning. Can current star Chris Chambers break up the expected dominance of the Marks Brothers? Doubt it. But we'll see.