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With three you get Pro Bowl

     Three quick observations on the three Dolphins who made the Pro Bowl:Jt

     Defensive end Jason Taylor. Solid pick. Great speed-rusher and offense-disrupter. He's in the conversation for most dominant DE in the post-Bruce Smith/Reggie White era. I don't see Jason as Hall of Fame stuff (the lack of team success hurts), but a few more Pro Bowls and he's a legit candidate.Jt2

     Linebacker Zach Thomas. Happy to hear it. Deserving. Helped by the injury-wrecked season of AFC perennial Ray Lewis, but deserving nonetheless. Like his brother-in-law, Zach was able to erase doubts whether he could adapt to a new role. Like his brother-in-law, Thomas is a longshot for Canton but has had (is having) a truly outstanding NFL career.Jt3

     Receiver Chris Chambers. A surprising pick, to me, but he got hot just in time to turn a somewhat underachieving season into the best of his still-ascending career.  Chambers has verified himself as a highlight-reel receiver, but let's see the past month played out over a whole season before we call him elite.

     I don't see any other Dolphins who deserved the Pro Bowl but were overlooked. Do you?