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Tragedy will make Colts better

Dungy      The strongest team in the NFL just got stronger.

      Emotionally stronger, tighter-knit stronger, driven stronger.

      Colts coach Tony Dungy's 18-year-old son, James, was found dead Thursday in his college apartment near Tampa, the grief compounded by the early word an apparent suicide was the cause.

      Any parent's worst fear is the worst possible tragedy whenever it occurs, but let alone on the eve of Christmas and in the midst of a fairy tale season in the father's professional life.

     From this, the Colts will be better in support of an immensely popular, respected coach -- one of the great guys in the NFL. A team cold in its efficiency has added a heart and been galvanized

     Suddenly the Colts are a team you root for as much as admire.

     Condolences to the Dungy family.