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42 posts from November 2005

November 30, 2005

The parameters of freedom

Carlos     Marlin-turned-Met Carlos Delgado agrees to adhere to a club rule and stand for "God Bless America," even though his disagreement with U.S. military action in Iraq has previously caused him to sit in protest.

     Well thanks a big effing deal, Carl. What an American!

     Now at least one New York-area columnist suggests the Mets are being un-American with their rule. Really? I don't think so. I think baseball is America. I think that if I hire somebody to run my ice cream stand, I have a right to insist he not come to work wearing a "F--- Ice Cream!" T-shirt.

November 29, 2005

Oldies are goodies to NFL

Mick      The NFL has announced the Rolling Stones will perform at halftime of Super Bowl XL in Detroit Feb. 5, as part of the league's continuing effort to align itself with fossil pop acts. Evidently Paul McCartney was busy.

     The league missed an opportunity to both step into the current century and feature an actual Detroit act by booking the White Stripes, but that made too much sense.

Mick2  Mick3     Speaking of which, a shameless plug here for one of Jack White's D-Town musician buddies, Brendan Benson, who happens to be the son of a great friend of ours. If you are unaware, give him a quick check at: Brendan Benson

Fantasy football, Tampa-style

     Click below to find out:

Is this what they mean by tailgating?

November 28, 2005

Michael Irvin: Do you believe him?

Michael_i     I think I do believe him. Faced with a choice, gullibility at least feels a bit less corrosive inside than cynicism.

     Michael Irvin, child of Fort Lauderdale, star of UM, is one of South Florida's favorite sons. I didn't say perfect son. Drugs have haunted his past, and that past makes what happened this past weekend a test of his credibility, and our tolerance.

     Irvin is stopped for a traffic offense in Plano, Tex., and cops find a crack pipe in his car. He claims it belongs to a friend. Red flag! Charge Michael with one misdemeanor count of possession of a lame excuse. It sounds like a lie. But that doesn't mean it is one.

     Irvin said he took the pipe from a friend who is struggling to get past drugs, hid it in his car intending to throw it away, and forgot about it. He may be right. He may be lying. In either case he has used up a lot of benefit of doubt. Does he deserve any more?   

Do you believe him?

The well-shod Pontiff

Pope_1     Pope Benedict XVI is pictured here performing papal duties while wearing what have been identified to me by footwear experts as red Prada loafers, designer shoes costing in the range of $500.

     Not that there's anything wrong with that. I love a well-shod Pontiff. This one has been known to wear Gucci sunglasses as well.

     For too many centuries, Catholic Popes have taken humbleness and austerity to extremes. Now, finally, a Pope steps -- and fashionably! -- into modernity.

     Note: Please indulge our occasional non-sports item, although, come to think of it, the Prada Pope uses Roman numerals, not unlike the upcoming Super Bowl XL. Not sure if Paul Tagliabue wears red Pradas, but we're checking.

November 27, 2005

Raiders 27, Dolphins 17? Well...


November 26, 2005

Raiders 27, Dolphins 17. Agree?

Raiders_fans Well, that's my prediction for Sunday's game in Oakland. It's not because I want Miami to lose. It is because I think Kerry Collins and that offense will have the better of a Dolphins defense now Zach-less and Junior-less.

     What is your Dolphins-Raiders prediction and why?

Panthers win, lead league in annoying advertising

Ads     Worked last night's Panthers game and experienced the law of averages in action as the home hockey team finally won after 12 straight losses.

     Even more stunning than the result -- a 6-3 win over the Pittsburgh Sidneycrosbys -- was the relentless aural and visual assault of advertising and sponsorships. There is no doubt that the NationalCarRentalOfficeDepotBankAtlanticYourNameHere Arena has become an American sports model for squeezing every cent from every inch.

     I particularly enjoyed the "A Atlantic Coast Mortgage T-Shirt Toss." So much so that I immediately went out and refinanced my house.

     At least the 12-game losing streak didn't have an official sponsor. Although I'd be surprised if there wasn't a call placed to Jenny Craig.

November 23, 2005

What are you thankful for?

Tg     Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

     Tough days in local sports. Carlos Delgado is the latest to go in a cost-cutting for a Marlins team that may move. The Dolphins are bad. Shaq's hurt. UM won't win a national title. The Panthers dropped a 12th straight game Wednesday night.

     So the question is a challenge:

     What, in all of South Florida sports, are you most thankful for?

     Is it the Marlins' two World Series titles? Dan Marino's past? Dwyane Wade's future? The '72 Dolphins? You name it.

November 22, 2005

Marlins threaten to leave us. Will they?

  Moving   The Marlins called an extraordinary (though unsurprising) news conference today to say the stalled deal for a new stadium near the Orange Bowl had fallen through and the club would explore options to relocate.

     Doesn't mean they'll move. Only that they might.

     Personally I think dumping the OB site and the can't-do city of Miami involvement is a plus (see my column in Wednesday's Herald or online), and that there remains a chance a new park might still grow adjacent to Dolphins Stadium.

     What do you think?

     Who's to blame for this? Will the team move? Do you care?