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     We are as close on the calendar as possible to the intersection of all our major sports, with football in full swing, baseball just ended, hockey just started and basketball about to. What better time to rate the mascots?

     Hey we tackle the big, important issues here! You want to rail about steroids, go someplace else. (Although I know for a fact at least one of these mascots regularly performs all 'roided up).

     By whatever criteria you choose -- appearance/costume?  performance/antics? -- we invite you to rank the Big Five mascots 1 through 5, favorite to least favorite, with a brief comment.

     Just keep in mind you are ranking the mascots, not which teams or sports are your favorite.

     The contenders, listed and pictured below alphabetically:

     BILLY THE MARLIN (Marlins) -- Debuted: 1993. Species: Large, long-jawed oceanic sportfish (Tetrapturus angustirostris).

     BURNIE (Heat) -- Debuted: 1991. Species: Tall, fuzzy orange creature with green spherical proboscis (Hoonoze whathehellitis).

     SEBASTIAN THE IBIS (University of Miami) -- Debuted: 1958. Species: Storklike wading or marsh bird (Threskiornithidae).

     STANLEY C. PANTHER (Panthers) -- Debuted: 1993. Species: Large, powerful wild cat with unmarked tawny body (Felis concolor).

     T.D. (Dolphins) -- Debuted: 1997. Species: Bottle-nosed marine cetacean mammal (Coryphaena hippurus).Billy_pic_4 Burnie_4 Sebastian_ibis_4 Sc_9 Td_9


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Billy the Marlin
The Heat's Burnie
The Dolphins' T.D.
UM's Sebastian the Ibis
Stanley C. Panther

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