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Udonis Haslem returning to the Heat on 1 year, $4 milliion contract

Dwyane Wade is gone.

But Udonis Haslem remains.

Haslem will play a 14th season with the Miami Heat, agreeing upon a one year, $4 million contract with the Miami Heat. 

This is not expected to be his final season.

If he plays a 15th, and returns at the minimum, it would be roughly equivalent to a two-year, $5.8 million deal since the veteran's minimum is expected to go up.

While Haslem didn't play much last season, his per-minute averages were close to what he's done during his career, and he is counted upon for leadership in the locker room. That is even more critical now that Wade and Luol Deng are gone, Chris Bosh's situation still isn't clear, and Hassan Whiteside has a max contract. Haslem was entrusted with a lot of locker room mentoring of Whiteside the past two seasons. 

Haslem has repeatedly given up money throughout the years, and this is a sign that the Heat appreciated that. 

That's needed too, in light of how many fans feel about losing Wade. 




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