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Dwyane Wade meeting with Nuggets, Bulls, Bucks, possibly Heat today

Dwyane Wade is set for a busy day in New York. 

The Heat guard will meet with the Nuggets first, the Bucks and Bulls today to discuss a new contract.

The Bucks were added back this morning, after they had been taken off the schedule. 

And yes, Wade will "possibly" meet with the Heat, according to multiple sources. 

Wade and Pat Riley are not on the same page, and the situation continues to get more acrimonious, but perhaps these meetings with others will push the sides back together. Micky Arison is expected to take the lead role in re-recruiting Wade, as he did last year, when Riley and Wade's representatives (specifically Henry Thomas) stepped aside. 

Cleveland is currently out of the mix, because the Cavaliers do not have the financial resources without gutting much of their team. The Cavs, according to sources, are not inclined to do so.

Wade is seeking at least a three-year deal, with the Heat so far offering two years (the second being a player option) for $40 million.

Miami is reluctant to tie up cap space for three seasons.

It could create up to $13 million for the two-year deal by trading Josh McRoberts without taking money back.






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