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Whiteside vows to hold fire on social media (plus Wade advice)

Hassan Whiteside won't be active for the Heat on Tuesday night, though his pain has subsided and he looked fluid shooting 15-foot turnarounds against defenders in 3-on-3 drills at shootaround.

He has, as always, been active on social media, however -- with another flashpoint on Monday when he responded to a re-post of a Miami New Times story on Instagram. 

Tuesday, Whiteside said that he gets upset when "people tell half of the story. I know y'all have been big on my defensive rating when I'm on the court. You know, it was a lot better in January. You know, and just when people tell half the story. Tell the truth. If you're gonna tell the story, tell it right." 

The Heat's defensive rating, which had been better with Whiteside in November and December, did flip in January, as noted in this ESPN.com piece, which Whiteside quickly retweeted when he spotted it Monday night.

Does Whiteside ever regret engaging, especially when his reaction blows up into controversy?

"I just got to do a better job of just leaving that alone," he said. "I'm always going to be criticized. Nobody's not criticized. Jesus was criticized. You know, and nobody's above that. There's always going to be people saying negative things towards you." 

People still say negative things about Dwyane Wade, even after 13 seasons, 12 All-Star selections and three championships. On Monday night, he made light of this on Twitter, quoting a tweet that told him to "produce on the court" and "stop playing subpar," just hours after he'd been named the NBA's Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the 18th time. 

Wade attached his own comment to the tweet: "Thanks for the advice. I'll get right on it." 

"Obviously, there's a lot of messages on Twitter, all not negative, all not positive," Wade said. "So you decide which ones you want to kind of talk about. So it's depending on how you're feeling, really. So when somebody uses something that maybe triggers something in me, I try to use a witty approach. And sometimes it's witty like 'ha ha,' and sometimes it's witty to get a little poke in. But whatever it is, just like last year, when they said something about LeBron carrying us, I said, 'I haven't been carried since my Mama gave birth.'"

Wade said sometimes he wants to bring to light "stupid comments, like yesterday, coming off playing well, and saying that I need to do some more. What, are you not watching, or you're not a fan? But sometimes I leave it alone as well, because it really doesn't matter. I just learned trial and error, I guess." 

Why is there so much negativity?

"I really don't know," Wade said. "It's the world that we live in, man. You've got to understand that no matter how good you are, no matter what, everyone's not a fan. And even some guys might not dislike you, but it might be the cool thing for them to say something negative, just because they think it gets them attention... And I've responded to a couple, and I've seen them right back, 'Like, oh, I didn't mean that.' They want to get noticed. They may not even mean what they write." 

Wade said on Instagram, sometimes he'll battle back and forth to people, just to gauge their mindset. 

"But it's not that big of a deal," Wade said. "At the end of the day, you've got to understand that, everybody doesn't like you. I always knew that. I don't care how great you think you are, you're not everybody's favorite player. People don't like you. You're not good-looking to everybody. It's just a lot of things, you've got to understand that. Now we live in a day where people can express those things, and they express it, and it's fine, it's fine to have an expression. You just can't be too sensitive about it. You've got to be able to laugh about it. Like, I don't take myself too serious. I think people who get kind of riled up, they take themselves a little too serious. You've got to be in on the joke."

Can Whiteside try to be in on the joke? 

"You know, I do it sometimes," Whiteside said. "But it's frustrating sometimes. Because I take pride in defense. And for somebody to say that I'm making the team worse with my defense, it don't make sense to me. That's kind of why I had to say something. A lot of people don't tell the whole story." 

And finally, why does he think he's become such a lightning rod?

"I guess it's the shotblocking," Whiteside said. "When you block a lot of shots, I guess, you draw a lot of attention. People try to nitpick at your game. I feel like it's a lot more this year than it was last year. People try to find the negative." 




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