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The words of Hassan Whiteside after Miami's 93-90 win

The locker room opened after my deadline for this column about the Heat's win in Dallas, so here's are the highlights from Hassan Whiteside's post-game interview. 

-- On his health. "Once I got up and down a couple of times, I felt good.... I felt pain, but it wasn't pain. The only way I can describe it, it felt like somebody was holding your side. I felt fine."

-- On appearing emotional: "I got a lot to prove. I got a lot to prove. I really missed playing basketball. I know I was only out for a week and a half, but I couldn't imagine being out any longer.... I was really excited to be out there with my teammates. I miss that, I feel like I'm a part of that. I know y'all like my suit. But I'd rather be in a uniform."

-- His passing to Luol Deng: "Coach Spo, he did a really good job of just changing the offense around, so it's a little easier to find guys and use them to their strengths. I saw Lu put his hand up, and he's a good finisher down there."

-- On his performance: "It felt good. I felt the fans deserved that."

-- The spin move against JaVale McGee for dunk: "Yeah, I work on post moves all day. Me and (Juwan Howard) work on post moves for hours. So it was a good move." 

-- On when he entered the game: "(Spoelstra) told me I was going to get in, in the second quarter."

-- On an adjustment to the new offense and Amare Stoudemire's role: "I don't know. Whatever amount of minutes I play, I'm going to try to contribute the most I can." 

-- On what he was telling officials at halftime: "It was weird out there tonight. Sometimes you got them nights... I was trying to get an understanding, of ' know Valentine's Day is coming up, why is Zaza (Pachulia) hugging me so much?'" 




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