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Hassan Whiteside "snuggling up" at the free throw line

Hassan Whiteside has made improvements in a number of areas of late, enough that some of them have gone surprisingly unnoticed.

Like this..

He's become a pretty good free throw shooter. 

He's 8-of-9 over his past two games, entering Saturday's matchup in Boston.

And he's 67.9 percent in February, which is probably why you're not seeing him intentionally hacked anymore.

"I just feel comfortable, you know," Whiteside said. "I feel like when I step into it, I'm shooting a jumper. It just feels comfortable. You know when it's cold outside, and it's raining, and you get under the covers, and you're on the bed, and you snuggle up? You know that comfortable feeling? I feel that. I feel comfortable." 

And, for emphasis...

"I feel comfortable," Whiteside said. "Very comfortable."

Whiteside disputed the notion that he's not jumping anymore.

"You can slide something under my feet when I jump," Whiteside said.

And once more...





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