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Hassan Whiteside calls Marcus Smart a "flopper," upset at officials

The numbers were there for Hassan Whiteside again -- 13 points, 15 rebounds, eight blocks -- even if didn't result in a victory, and the Heat center still reserved some energy for his post-game press availability.

When asked how the game got away, here was Whiteside's answer:

"Marcus Smart got away with some good flops at the end. There's plenty of film that shows that's what he (does). He got away with some good flops at the end, and it kind of went in their direction."

Whiteside later continued: "I didn't even touch him. You can look at countless film. That's what he (does). That's what he (does). He flops. I don't care if you go tell him. He flops. That's what he (does)." 

Whiteside also wasn't thrilled with Boston's four-point possession that resulted from the officials calling Whiteside for a goaltend, and Whiteside picking up a technical foul.

"I was in disbelief, because I can almost touch the top of the backboard," Whiteside said. "For them to say that I grabbed the net to block a shot, I couldn't believe it. My hand probably touched the net. But I guarantee my head was higher than my hand." 

Whiteside added "it was just a bad job overall, it was just a bad job overall. It was just terrible." 




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