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What Zaire Wade sent his Dad during Dwyane's 27-point game

Dwyane Wade looked exhausted after scoring 27 points in Miami's 102-98 win against Brooklyn, but not exhausted enough to keep from smiling. He did so after the media finally left his locker stall, waiting for Udonis Haslem, a couple of seats down, to finish reading from his phone. 

Haslem then handed the phone back to Wade, and Wade called me over to take a peek, giving me permission to post the message that Haslem had been reading.

It was from Wade's 13-year-old son Zaire.

I'm posting it almost entirely as is, with just a couple spelling corrections, since it should be read as a father would, from an adolescent son. (And nobody uses perfect grammar in texts.) 

You can also find a photo of the texts on my Instagram account ejskolnick

Here's the message, all sent in one take:

"Hey man, you won't get this message until after your game but i wanna say sum. These last few away games I have been watching to see if I can help you with anything. In the game you struggled you of course shot bad from the (field). The games you played good you got to the bucket. Last night vs. the Bulls was I (think) your best game of the season. When you are attacking the rim that causes (the) defense to suck in and opens up and ones for you, wide open treys for your teammates or etc... all I'm saying is stay on attack mode big dog. When you attack they will play you with a lil extra room so that's when u use that killa instinct and shoot your midrange. And stop being so hard on yourself, most important play for a passion. It seems your playing like someone is making you. No go out there and play like it's your last game of the season and give it all and trust your teammates." 

Seems like pretty solid advice. 




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