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Tyler Johnson hoping to take part in All-Star weekend

Tyler Johnson still can't believe what happened Friday night. 

He was all alone. He spun. He slammed.

He clanked. 

Monday, when asked about it, he laughed. 

"Yeah, I don't know how you can even miss a dunk when you're up above it," Johnson said. "Like, it's weird. I know if I get that again... I'm definitely going to do it again to redeem myself. I did the turn, but I kind of glided into the turn, so like I jumped and then I tried to turn in the air, as opposed to really rotating myself. It just happened. I think that's the first fast break dunk I've ever missed. I'll be all right." 

Johnson would also be all right with an invitation to the dunk contest, though he's not sure if it would be "responsible" with his chronically sore shoulder, "doing herky-jerks and all that." But he said if "it came down to it," he'd probably rationalize participating.

The second-year guard wouldn't hesitate at all to play in the Rising Stars Challenge, the All-Star Friday night competition between the NBA's rookies and sophomores.

If, of course, the former undrafted free agent gets an invite, ahead of some more heralded players. 

"Yeah, Lord willing," Johnson said. "Yeah, it's definitely a possibility. If they let me in, that'd be great. I'd definitely do it."

So what about the Heat's other high flyer, 2007 Slam Dunk champion Gerald Green?

Green became irritated when asked if he'd take part again.

"Hell no!" Green said. "I'm so done with that! That's a wrap!"

Then he stormed off. 







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