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Ray Allen's not back with the Heat, but not for lack of trying

It's one of the most common questions that I receive on Twitter, especially with the Heat ranking 26th in the NBA in made three-pointers, and 27th in three-point percentage:

Why doesn't the Heat reach out to all-time three-point leader, and Miami resident, Ray Allen?

Well, the Heat has.

Multiple times.

Through multiple channels. 

According to several sources, the Heat has not only had a standing offer to Allen to return to the team ever since the 2014 offseason, but it made additional overtures as recently as this summer.

Allen, however, has never bit.

This shouldn't be all that surprising, if you were aware of his frustration during his final season in Miami, the one that ended with a five-game Finals loss to the Spurs; he made that frustration, about everything from scheduling to rotations, well enough known to Heat teammates, coaches and officials, that it has been frequently relayed to reporters (like this one) since. 

All of that aside, if anyone could return at age 40 after a 19-month absence, and still perform at a high level, it would be Allen, one of the best-conditioned athletes the sport has ever seen. And he appears to still be in excellent shape, judging by all the running he's doing on South Florida's roadways, as displayed on his Instagram account. 

But, at this point, all of the Allen acquaintances that I've surveyed, including former teammates, uniformly expect him to remain retired. That means that Kobe Bryant will be the last man standing from the vaunted 1996 draft class. It also means that one of the elite shooters -- and two-guards -- in history had one of the quieter endings of any of the all-time greats. 




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