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Dwyane Wade's advice to Hassan Whiteside: dominate, then cheer

By now, you've probably seen video, or stills, of Hassan Whiteside on the sideline during Sunday's win against Memphis.

While it's always risky to evaluate a player's attitude from a single snapshot, or even from a 15-second clip -- and while Whiteside does appear to be excited when Dwyane Wade hit the eventual game-winning jumper -- he was captured with a bit of a sourpuss when Wade hit a late runner. 

Monday, prior to Monday's game against Atlanta, Dwyane Wade was asked if he had any advice for the Heat center, especially on nights when Whiteside doesn't play late in the contest. 

"For the minutes that he's in the game, he has to dominate those minutes," Wade said. "And the minutes he's not on the floor, he has to cheer for his teammates, and hopefully the ones out there can get the job done. It's as simple as that. If that's not happening, there becomes a divide in the locker room. When you're a team that's trying to figure it out, you got to be as close as possible. You can't have a divide because someone feels he should be on the floor. It's a team game. Coach makes the decisions on who should be out there, and they are going to be out here. His job, and I always tell him, 'Dominate the game when you're out there as much as you can, and you can't worry about nothing else.'"

Wade acknowledged that Whiteside "still has some growth to do." 

"He just finished 82 games in his career, he played No. 82 at some point this year," Wade said, smiling. "Yeah, he reached it, because he's been talking about it. I mean, he's young. He's a young player. He's going to have his moments where he's going to look dominant, and he's going to have his moments where he's going to look young. And it's his job, as well as our job as a team, to helop him grow." 




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