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Dwyane Wade still carrying burden, but now connecting, in clutch

You may have noticed a statistic we posted a couple of weeks ago.

In "clutch" time -- defined as time that comes in the final five minutes of a game when the scoring margin is no greater than five points either way -- Dwyane Wade missed his first nine shots of the season.

Well, he's now made seven of his past nine.

That includes two critical shots in Miami's 100-97 comeback victory, a floater and then a jumper.

So he's now 7-of-18 overall (38.9 percent), which is more in line with where he's been in recent years. Wade is 7-of-14 from inside the arc, which is where he should almost always be shooting.

Chris Bosh, the Heat's best clutch shooter over the past six seasons, is 5-of-12.

Most notable?

How little anyone else is shooting.

Wade and Bosh have taken 30 shots.

The rest of the team combined? Just 21.

That includes Justise Winslow (2 of 6), Tyler Johnson (3 of 5), Hassan Whiteside (2 of 3), Gerald Green (0 of 3), Luol Deng (1 of 1)... and Goran Dragic, just 0 of 1. 

That last number is remarkable. Dragic has taken one shot in 11 games (30 minutes) of clutch time. 

Last season, Dragic was 4 of 8 in just 12 games (34) minutes of clutch time. 




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