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Complete and official breakdown of the Heat's bench reaction to that embarrassing inbounds turnover.

So, here's the inbounds play from last night's game that will forever live in stupidity.

First, let's frame the situation...

Moments before the turnover, which, by the way, was officially credited to Hassan Whiteside, Timberwolves shooting guard Kevin Martin made a 15-foot jump shot to give Minnesota a 102-101 lead with 41 seconds left. The Heat had already blown a 10-point, fourth-quarter lead to the, record-wise, worst team in the NBA, so next possession was going to be an important one.

In other words, the Heat's players needed to muster the complete sum total of all their professional faculties and pour their collective concentration into retaking the lead. After all, a firm grasp of eighth place in the Eastern Conference was on the line.

So, there was the ball and all its potential energy ... bouncing ... under the basket ...

We'll skip over the blow-by-blow of the actual mixup between Whiteside and Norris Cole — why point fingers? — and instead focus on the reaction of the people seated on the Heat's bench.

— First, as the camera pans from right to left, there's Erik Spoelstra. He's standing up with his hands on his hips. Quite the poker face there for the Heat's head coach, considering some of the animated expressions in his facial repertoire. This is probably what Spoelstra was thinking, more or less.

— Next in line is Heat trainer Jay Sabol, who appears to be holding a clipboard. Not much of an expression from Jay, who is probably trying to figure out how to chart that play or something.

— Assistant Keith Smart is up next. Smart is a veteran at this gig, and has coached through his fair share of interesting situations. He knows the drill and assumes the position. Smart leans back in his seat and looks to the heavens for spiritual guidance.

— Now to the climax of this seated row of Heaters, the emotive assistant coach David Fizdale. Fizdale does what everyone else did watching at home. He buries his head in shame.

— Then there's assistant coach Juwan Howard, who works with Whiteside every day in practice. Howard appears to be frozen in motionless shock.

— To the right of Howard is rookie guard Tyler Johnson. The delayed reaction let's us know he's just trying to fit in.

— Next to Johnson is another rookie, point guard Shabazz Napier. He's probably wondering why he's not in the game.

— Then there's James Ennis. His brain hurts.

Maccaulay Culkin is seated next to Ennis.

— Not quite sure who hides behind Culkin's back.

— Lastly, I'd like to draw special attention to the fan seated to the left of Spoelstra. This is the guy who shelled out some serious cash for a seat next to the Heat's bench. Naturally, he's completely obviously to the action and staring off into outer space.




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