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More on Chris Bosh's injury

Heat forward Chris Bosh indicated after Sunday's loss to the Chicago Bulls that he could be out for a while. The Heat plays the Nets on Tuesday in Brooklyn and Bosh is doubtful for that game, but he could be out a few weeks.

Bosh missed the game against Chicago with a strained calf, and he's not sure when the injury occurred. That's troubling news. Bosh hadn't missed a game this season until Sunday, and he pointed to simple "wear and tear" as a possible reason for the strain. He added that precaution and rest are the two most important things for him right now. If he tries to play through the injury, he said it could worsen and "the muscle could tear away from the bone."

"It's disappointing," Bosh said. "Usually you know when something gives and you kind of feel it over the course of a game and you can point to a specific play when you felt something tweak, or whatever, but unfortunately that didn't happen for me. I guess it's a wear and tear thing. It kind of sprung up on me, and you just have to deal with the tough times right now."

Bosh was a glorified role player over the last four years, which allowed him to maintain his body a little easier. He averaged fewer than 30 minutes per game to begin last season, but his minutes are closer to 36 per game now. He is the team's anchor on both offense and defense, which wasn't the case last year when he had LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to help carry the load.

Bosh said he has never experienced a "wear and tear" injury before in his career.

"And it really sucks that it's hitting me right now," Bosh said. "It's just, I don't know, it seems to be a dark cloud over everything right now. Everything seems to be tough. We're having a tough time building the chemistry becasue we haven't had many minutes together."

Wade was the Heat's primary offensive threat against the Bulls but was limited in the first half to just four points in less than 11 minutes due to foul trouble and double-teams. The Heat scored 32 points in its first half of the season without Bosh.

"If we have to play without Chris for a while, then hopefully no other guys will key on me and other guys will step up and make shots," Wade said.




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